Best Romantic Good Night Messages or SMS For Him or Her

If you are looking for the best good night messages or SMS that make your partner, friend or anyone happy, then you are in the right place. So after some of the good morning text messages or SMS, we are back with the GN messages.

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let’s dive in!

Best Good Night Messages (GN SMS)

After a rewarding yet exhaustive day let us take a break from all life and have a sweet, relaxing sleep. Good night my friend.

Dear friend, don’t you ever worry about tomorrow, I will always be there beside you to set things right. Good night.

As the light sets after dusk and the world are dark and dull around your eyes, do take some rest and make sure to have a sweet sleep. Goodnight.

As the dusk arrives, lovers send each other hugs and kisses while friends send each other wishes and luck wish you luck happiness for the day ahead my friend. Goodnight.

Before we sleep we ought to thank all those who made this day memorable for us. With a new day ahead I thank you for everything and wishing you a great day ahead.

You may have an awesome day today. Recharge and Relax for tomorrow is going to be a greater day. Goodnight and Sweet dreams.

Don’t let cramped beds and stinky rooms prevent your dreams from being king size. Good night.

Every night is like a refresh button for your body Go to sleep and give yourself a chance to start afresh the next day. Good night Buddy.

This message is a hug in disguise so you better hold your phone properly and have a great sleep. Goodnight.

I am here to wish you goodnight to you so that I can help you gear up for a bright new day tomorrow. Good night dear friend.

I could wish you with a funny joke, inspirational message or a help tip to bid you goodnight. Being your best friend, I will only say only two words that will make your night a good night – Sweet Dreams.

My friends who are my sunshine, I dedicate this message to your warmth and sparks. Goodnight.

I wish you goodnight and that your dreams take you to a land where you can drive the best of cars, take the prettiest girls on date and enjoy the best of food all day long.

I know you really snore loud. So I would rather wish your family a good night because they are the ones who will need it more. Great night to you and your family.

I wish that nights never dawned for it is the only time when I am far from good friends like you. Goodnight.

I pray that this night brings the end to all your troubles a new brighter and happier day begins tomorrow. Good night Buddy.

The success of life is measured by the number of friends who turn up to wish you every night. Sleep tight my friend. And enjoy your dreams.

I pray that the dark clouds of the night fight all your worries, May the shining stars enlighten your dreams and may the soft moon cure all your painful troubles. Good night my friend.

Forget everyone who hurt you today and hold on to everyone who made you feel special on this day. May all their blessings be yours and you have a goodnight.

Even if the stars and moon shine brightly out in the sky for my friends are my stars and I am away from you. Do take care and have a goodnight.

Call me or text me if you can’t sleep and have nightmares. I will visit your dreams, scare away all the nightmares and make sure you have a sound sleep and a Good night.

The stars have taken over the world to guard, and the moon is there to protect us during dark hours of the night, you should take a break from all your worries and sleep tight. Have a good night and sweet dreams.

Let us sleep as early as we can so that we can dream and plan about all the pranks we can use to fool class and all the fun we will have at school tomorrow. Good night.

Apart from a good sleep, the night holds a promise that your tomorrow will rise up with millions of possibilities and rays of hope. Good night.

Ssshhh… everyone else is sleeping comfortably, you too should take a break from your hectic schedule and sleep carefree. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Pack your worries and troubles in your pillow, wrap your doubts and negativity in your blanket, dump your anxieties under your bed and spread a new bed sheet to absorb all your tensions for when you wake up tomorrow, you may have dirty linen but a rejuvenated mind and body to rise and work hard. Goodnight and sleep tight.

The brightest inspiration in my life are friends like you and not the stars or the moons, wishing you a comfortable sleep so you give your best tomorrow. Goodnight.

Goodnight my friend, every night I surrender to darkness and sleep only to wake and enjoy the next day with friends like you.

Every night I look forward to spending the next day with an awesome friend like you so let us sleep tight to have a great day ahead. Good night.

There is never an end to your fondness or how much I miss you. Since the day has ended, I am tired and I need to go to bed. Good night.

Twinkling stars are shining and striving hard to thrive in memories of another shining star. Do not forget me and have a comfortable sleep. Good Night.

Every second of the night is significant to plan about everything that you want to achieve in life and use every second of the following day to make your dreams come true. Good night my friend.

Being the best of friends and we have done so many things together. Let us sleep and meet each other in dreams for a new adventure being together. Goodnight.

You are welcome aboard the Sleep Airlines where you will visit all your favorite destinations from memories and future plans. Enjoy your flight and sleep tight.

Wishing you an all-in-one wish which includes Good Night, Sweet Dreams, and conveys how much I miss you and wish to see you soon.

We will be able to enjoy the beauty of night only if we stop thinking of the past and stop worrying about the future ahead. SO sleep tight and enjoy your present. Have a comfortable and good night.

When I bid good night to my dearest of friends like you, it means that I wish the night to be over soon so we can rejoin each other as soon as morning dawns. Goodnight and see you soon.

I could tolerate the loneliness of the dark only because I friends like you who shine night and day. Good night.

No matter how bright the stars and the moon shine, they cannot compete with the radiance of your soul and companionship. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

I would like to dedicate this good night wish and message to all my friends and family members who bring happiness to my dark and lonely life. Goodnight everyone and sleep tight for I wish you all to rise and win every dream tomorrow in a new day.

I think we meet every night in our dreams so we are always together. If we live in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time even if we are far from each other. Good Night and Sweet Dreams my love.

Don’t ever let little things make you sad. Think of all the happy and big reasons you can look up to life and thank god and everyone tonight. Trust me tomorrow is going to be a fresh new start. Goodnight.

Romantic Good Night SMS For Her or Him

Dreams connect our heart to our soul

It projects all our memories that take us in the nostalgia of happy times.

Wishing you a comfortable and nostalgic dream tonight

Good Night.


Even if my day is hectic.

Or my schedule is super tight.

Only after wishing you Goodnight

I would let the day end

And lots of blessings I would send.


No day is that bad that it can’t be fixed by dreams.

So leave all your worries out and shut your eyes.

Get into bed and a great sleep will do all repairs.

Goodnight my love.


Every night I visit your dreams to compensate for being far from you. Together we create many more memories and live happily forever. Goodnight and see you soon love.


The best bridge between worries and determination, sadness and hope is a good sleep

Hope you have a restful night and you sleep tight.


Your eyes look tired and worried,

Let your eyelashes kiss them and create dreams

To take you into the world of love and happiness

Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

And wishing you a wonderful stay in dreamland.


As we approach towards night, stay away from worries, Close your eyes and dream about a bright new day. Goodnight my friend.


Dreams and stars are similar. You may not able to touch them but following them will make all your paths shine and you will reach your destiny. Dream and pursue them in your life. Goodnight and sweet dreams.


The night may be dark and lonely, your friends may hide like the moon and success may fade away like stars.

Don’t you worry my love, I’ am here to hold you tight, for in a new morning we will create our own destiny which will be bright. Sweet dreams and good night.


Remember your heart;

Shut your eyes;

Make your wish and

Have a carefree goodnight!


Here’s sending you stardust to brighten your night and add glitter to your dreams. Goodnight

I have gone to bed being happy, I have also gone to bed at times being sad,

And sometimes I have been very sad

But when I go to bed with you in my thoughts, I always end up being glad at bed. Goodnight Love.


I do not hate people who hate me for I am busy loving people like you who love me .Goodnight.


I was gazing out of the windows thinking about the person who cares the most about me, and only you came in my thoughts. Goodnight and sweet dreams love.


When I cannot hug the people

Who are close to my heart,

I always spread out my arms and hug them with my prayers like I hug you tonight. Goodnight love.


My day will not be over for I have something very important left. I would not be able to sleep without confessing that how much I love you. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.


Welcome to Sleep Express

All passengers fasten your bedsheets for a great sleep

As the train will be departing soon for Dreamland.

Hope you will enjoy your journey

Sweet Dreams and Good Night!


The day is about to end and it is so nice to have someone who makes every day meaningful. Thank you, love. Goodnight for I am sending angels to guard you.


Somewhere out there under the shining moonlight,

Someone is lost in your thoughts tonight,

Somewhere where all our dreams come true

I come and hug you to wish you a goodnight.

Sending a bunch of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you blessed in life and a prayer to protect you always. Good night!


We usually never get, what we want. We never ever want what we get. We will never have, what we like. We never like, what we have.

Yet we live and we love,

Still, we hope.

Good night!


The candles will not burn without emitting light. The moon can shine only in the night, hence I cannot ever sleep without wishing you goodnight.


I wish you were here with me or I was there with you.


I wish that we were together anywhere. Good Night till we meet again.

Good Morning Messages or SMS For Her or Him 2016

A morning without appropriate wish wouldn’t be a good one for most of us. After all, wishing the good morning greeting won’t cost you any penny. Irrespective of the relationship, whether they are girlfriends, boyfriend, husband, wife or any friends, wishing help you to make them happy and feel a sense of comfortable with you.

Let’s see some of the best good morning messages to revamp the traditional ones.

Can you imagine how blessed I am

Do you know how happy I am?

After I get up each morning

To wish you all the happiness this morning

Have a wonderful morning!


If any person sends you morning greetings,

It means that whenever he wakes up

He’s occupied with you.

Have a great new morning.


Just the right time it is my sunshine, and I am hoping all your dreams come true today.

Good morning, my sunshine, I am hoping your desires come true for they are as sweet as you are.


Anybody HUGS YOU, nevertheless it’s no longer ME – IT’S MORNING…

Someone hugs you, but it’s not me – it’s morning…

Any individual warms you, nevertheless it’s now not me – it’s the sun…

Anyone leave out you and love you,

But that is neither the morning not the sun for that is me.


Every morning I would like to feel your breath…

Every morning I’d like to wake up close to you…

I would like to compete with the sun only to wish you earlier than the sunrise …


Step by step the night is stepping back…

Little by little the night is going to sleep,

And the morning is kissing your cheeks.

Life is ready for you…

A warm smile is taking part in in your lips.

For here I wish you a great morning.


I have asked an angel
To protect you even as you’re snoozing
However soon he came again and told me
That angel doesn’t need to protect other angels.
Have an amazing morning my angel


I would like to wake up next to you every morning

I would love to wake up each morning beside you,

Kissing and cheering, to wish you a great day ahead


You’re the pleasure OF MY existence…

You are the joy of my life,

The light of my heart,

A great morning to my sunshine.



I’m sending you a million smiles,

Take one of them for today,

For I wish to steer you smiling every morning, my sunshine!


Being in love with you, makes each and every morning valued at waking up for…



Happy good maorning messages


Let the morning sunlight paint a smile on your face,

Let the rainbow of pleasure fill your coronary heart!

Have a gorgeous day, my Love!


Today’s weather forecast.

Rain of Happiness,

Winds of Confidence,

Fog of Dreams,

Snow of Ambitions,

And blossom of affection!

A Very Good Morning

Wishing all of them be besides you on this great new day.


Each and every morning the sun aspires us to shine bright like him

And the sky inspires us to reach the top

And with every Morning Wish, I remind you of pursuing your dreams.


Morning rays are kissing your cheeks, winds are singing for you, get up my sweetie and have a beautiful day.

Wake up MY magnificence…

Get up my magnificence

Morning sun is kissing your eyes, to wish you a great morning

I’m hoping your day will probably be best.


You might be like a candle in my life which touches and melts my coronary heart each time then I get up. Have a distinguished morning my princess.


The rays of the rising sun are hugging and kissing your face and gently saying good morning to you.


I’m coming to you with a warm and encouraging solar rays like a soft breeze of the wind,

To tell how so much I miss you and to wish you a wonderful morning.


It feels so good when I get up within the morning and notice that I obtained a greeting from the man or woman who cares about me. e beautiful wishes for the new day.


The solar disc is already up above in the sky

Sending you a kiss and an extraordinarily big smile,

Hope you get it whenever you get up my darling,

Have a nice day!


Excellent morning my sweetie, have a nice day ahead. Conquer the new day with a smile.


Get up my love, have a quality morning, a beautiful day and a persistent smile for the duration of all day long.


Beware of other duplicate morning wishers I’m the one approved ISO 2007 certified well-wisher wishing you a wonderful sweet morning.


A morning greeting will not only mean “good morning,” it has a secret “I miss you when I get up.” Have a great day and do take care.


Above the darkish horizon quickly new light rays will show up. They show the world a contemporary new day is right here to cheer you up.


You worry about a problem it becomes double but while you smile at it disappear like a bubble so usual laugh at your challenge maintaining your smile. Smile to begin this great day.


Even the aroma of my favorite espresso isn’t so quality when I find yourself not right here with me, my love.

Hope you had just real desires at night time and woke up in a merry mood. Good morning, sweetheart!


Some men and women begin the day with a cup of espresso or having a shower. I start the day with a smile. You are the intent of my smile and my happiness. Wishing you a hundred such smiles on this great morning.


My sweetie, it’s sufficient just to think about you, and it brings me this type of distinct feeling that I have in no way skilled earlier than. I’m so fortunate to have you ever in my life. Have a first-class and cozy morning.


Some men and women begin the day with a cup of espresso or having a shower. I start the day with a smile. You are the intent of my smile and my happiness. You make my heart bypass a beat, honey. Could the solar mild your approach throughout the day!


I am pondering almost you. No matter how much I try to control,

I cannot stop myself from wishing you all the happiness on this beautiful morning.


If I am most efficient could, I would become a cuckoo to sing you the most lovely songs ever. Or I would emerge as the warmest and gentlest Ray to kiss your sleepy face within the morning. I’ll do everything for you, my dear. Just to make your morning great!


It doesn’t matter what happens in life,

I’ll continuously be your part.

Every morning I wake up to embrace you,

That’s why I wish to make it genuine.


It’s this sort of miracle that I discovered you. From the time once we met, you introduced so many unique things in my existence which I under no circumstances omit, consistently don’t forget it and be grateful for this forever. Good morning my true love and have a wonderful day.


You’re my only love and one need,

My heart is burning, it’s caught on a hearth.

And I wish you a great morning with all my soul.


Mornings are sweet and beautiful and so are you. Sunshine is vivid and so is your lovely and shining smile. You’re normally so nice and caring. I recognize you pricey. Have a great and bright morning my baby!


Earlier than I sleep, I leave out you, as I get up, I leave out you. Just to permit you to comprehend that you’re consistently on my mind. Good morning sweetie!


I will under no circumstances feel of leaving you, I will only suppose of loving you increasingly. My morning, night and noon will likely be you. If I ever come to this world again, it’ll nonetheless be handiest you. Wishing you a bright and great morning my sweet love!


A cup of espresso for my love, I didn’t add any sugar, cos my love for you is sweet enough. Rise and Shine to this great morning my love.


You’re my inspiration. You might be my sunshine, with you everything feels so correct. I do know I’m lucky to be yours, so here is me wishing you a bright new day.


Here comes an additional sweet morning, joy and happiness it brings. A joyous morning and a great new day.


My love, my joy, my lifestyles, my sunshine, I will at all times cherish you. Good morning sweetie!


Each morning I keep in mind how fortunate and blessed I’m for the possibility to text you and permit you to know the way much you mean to me. So on this specific great morning, I wish you and cherish all that we have got.


It’s not possible to look the beauty of your eyes without the radiance of the gorgeous morning sun rays. So let’s wait for the light to shine as I see the clear future on your charming eyes. Good morning my love!


The breeze of this bloodless morning reminds me of the exceptional feeling of your jolliness my friend, Have a great morning and a wonderful day buddy.


My love, I wish to be the one to your heart due to the fact that it’s simplest you in my heart- now and eternally. I’m so in love with you that I want to sleep in your arms each night and wake up with you cuddling in my hands. Good morning my love!


Wishing you a bright and warm morning my love. Right here is my morning tip: for you need any makeup. You will be messing with perfection.


It takes simply a second for me to think of you each morning, however, the soothing smile you put on my face lasts in the course of the day. Your smile is my inspiration. Your voice is my motivation. Your love is my happiness. I love you and hence wish you a great morning ahead.


Colorful identical to the flora of the backyard so is my wish on your day this morning. Cheerful just like the giggle of a youngster, so will in these days go. I love you in the night time and with all my happiness I wish you a great new day ahead.


I wanted you a beautiful night time relaxation and now I am wishing you higher morning. You are exceptional and will continuously be. Go rock the day ahead.


I like every sunrise considering the fact that each morning is a reminder that I have one other day to spend with the best of my friends. Good morning!


I went to mattress final night time with a fab smile on the grounds that I do know you’re going to recognize my goals….. However this morning I aroused from sleep with a smile considering the fact that you weren’t a dream. And nothing else but your smile can make this a Good Morning.


Hello, wonderful, you had been the primary most wonderful although in my intellect as I aroused from sleep this chilly morning, just wanted to assert an excellent morning to the one who defines the whole world to me.


Being in love with a gorgeous angel such as you makes every morning worth longing for, every second spent with you love is a great memory of mine. Good morning heartbeat!


Each new dawn offers me a new chance to love you more! Here is wishing you a great morning, darling. Hope you have a stress-free day!


My love, my heart, my joy, my all and everything, except we met and fell in love, the morning was never unique. Now it’s one of my exceptional moments to ship you a beautiful just right morning message filled with so much love.


As the cool morning breeze blows towards you and soothes those beautiful eyes of yours, let my unblemished love put a calming smile on your lovely face and wish you a great bright morning.


A pleasant morning to wish you all the happiness. For each morning may shower blessings of success and celebrations.


All my nights and days are filled with the memories of your love. A beautiful morning to you and thanks for being that special woman in my life.


Even after I shut my eyes each night, you’re the only one I see. You’re effectively the star of my dreams And so every morning I send you all the love and happiness to you.


It’s just a morning now but I am already missing you a lot,

Wishing you a great morning cutie, kissing and texting you the warmest of hugs.


I will not ever encourage the idea that I’ll ever be in love again. I’m so completely satisfied that I met you, now my existence is complete. Good morning my honey and here I am wishing you an excellent day.


I’m hoping WE GONNA MEET every day…

I am hoping we going to meet each day,

And should you consider the identical manner

We are going to be collectively together every day.

So for now wishing you a beautiful day ahead.


My dear, I am hoping you’ve got an exotic day today, I’m hoping the sky is as blue as your eyes, and the day ahead happens to be as vivid as your smile!


Waking up after you is like blessing, every new day brings new hope and courage and by wishing you my day is made.


I want you to know that you’re on my intellect, and I hope you have a high-quality day, take into account my words: “you should have a fantabulous day, and so will I be happy!”


Wake up my happiness…

Rise my sunshine; I am hoping you’re starving,

In view that I made an omelet stuffed of kisses!


For the beautiful dreams, you might have seen all night. Wake and Rise and conquer all your dreams and make them come true.


I want to present a distinctive day today

I desire you an individual day today, although it’s raining…

However, your smile can brighten any day! And make every morning a great one.


The solar god is almost high up…

The sun god is practically watching us; maybe it is waiting so that you can get up

And enjoy this beautiful morning.

Good Morning Messages SMS.


Good Morning my friend…

Excellent morning my bestie, I am hoping you may have a great morning there!


May the sun shines for your Innocent dreams and keep you warm if I’m now not there.


When you’re snoozing in many instances I love to observe you, and I perpetually believe how fortunate I am, to have such an attractive girl next to me in bed, even though mostly you do snore, I nonetheless consider very fortunately! I am hoping every morning shines and gives you kisses! Have a pleasant day!


I like waking up subsequent to you in the morning… to peer your distinctive smile, amazing eyes, and whispering into your ears, the blessings that the new day has brought for us. A bright and happy morning happiness.


You make my coronary heart sing… You are making my heart sing and brighten up my life just like the sun. May you have a bright day and all the happiness to make the morning excellent.


Morning sun is gently stroking your face and that I should send a kiss. Wake up my love and have a marvelous day!


Dear friend , hope you’re having the morning exactly like the smile on your face and shine in your eyes, which is beautiful as in no way earlier than. I’m wishing you a happy morning and an astonishing day.


Usually, humans aren’t aiding, lacking, caring for every other and there may be nothing even similar in our relationship. To me, you’re the most beneficial character in the entire world and the sky may shower all the blessings to you on this bright new morning.


I’m coming to you with energizing solar rays like a soft breeze of the wind,

To tell how so much I miss you and to wish you an enjoyable morning.


All night long, I waited for the sun to rise so I could shout and wish you a great new morning.


Wishing you a bright new morning, let go of all your grudges, negativity. Go and seize the day my friend.


Dearest mom, good morning wishes to you. And also sending you my love to make your day brighter and happier.


To the most caring parents, one can have, a warm hug to thank you for the beautiful mornings of childhood and wishing you all happiness on this new morning.


Success follows confidence. So wishing you all trust and success to you in this new bright morning.


May this day bring you a bundle of happiness and knowledge. Wishing you a great morning and a beautiful day ahead, spend it wisely my son.


May with every new day you grow stronger and happier, for each morning I send you a million blessings and kisses.


You cannot complain about yesterday nor promise for tomorrow; here I wish you a bright new today which you can enjoy as your present.


Sending love and all the wishes for success to my wonderful lover on this bright new inspiring morning.


Morning is the time when we cherish all the memories of the night. Good Morning love for we has a bright new day to live ahead and make more memories to celebrate.


The night may be cold and you must be shivering in the cold. But with a bright new sunrise I send you warm hugs to aspire you to achieve all the success.


Mornings are the best of gifts to humanity. So here are my sincere hugs and wishes to make your day a memorable one.


I am craving to want you the first thing this morning. For every morning I pray and want you to rise and conquer all your dreams.


A New day is a new blessing to live, don’t spend it over complaining about yesterday or planning about tomorrow. Here is wishing you a wonderful present to a joyous friend I have found in you.


Every morning dawns with more hopes and aspirations so this new morning I want you my friend all the success this new morning we got as our present.